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Balsam refers to a resin that is produced by many species of trees, shrubs, and other plants. The resin is used for a variety of purposes, including perfumes, incense, and medicine. Some of the most commonly known balsams include Frankincense, Myrrh, and Balm of Gilead. Balsams are also used in the production of varnishes, adhesives, and other products.


Aroma therapy: Balsams such as Frankincense and Myrrh have a pleasant and soothing aroma that can help relieve stress, anxiety and promote relaxation.

Medical use: Balsams have been used in traditional medicine for their antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Skin care: Balsams can be used to soothe and moisturize dry and irritated skin.

Wood preservation: Balsams are used as a natural preservative for wood, as the resin helps protect it from rot and decay.

Perfumes: Balsams are used in perfumes for their fragrant and long-lasting aroma.

Incense: Balsams are commonly used as incense in religious and spiritual practices due to their soothing and uplifting aroma.

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