Pedilanthus Curly Green Plant
06 Feb 2023. Mapro Foods
Pedilanthus Curly Green Plant

Information :

Pedilanthus tithymaloides "Curly Green" is a variety of the Devil's Backbone plant species. It is characterized by its curly green leaves and distinctive red-orange tubular flowers. This succulent plant is native to Mexico and Central America, and is known for its ease of care and adaptability to different growing conditions. Like other forms of Pedilanthus tithymaloides, it prefers well-drained soil and bright, indirect light, and can be propagated through stem cuttings. The "Curly Green" variety is a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance plant with unique foliage to add to their indoor or outdoor collection.


Air purification: It is known to help remove pollutants and purify the air in your home.

Low maintenance: The plant is easy to care for and does not require much attention, making it a great choice for those who are new to plant care.

Drought tolerance: It can survive in a range of conditions, including low light and low moisture, making it a great choice for areas with low humidity.

Decorative: The plant's unique, curly leaves and attractive growth habit make it a great choice for adding interest to a room.

Toxic to pests: Pedilanthus tithymaloides is toxic to pests, making it a good choice for a garden or indoor area that is prone to insect infestations.

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