Rohiyo Green Plant
08 Feb 2023. Mapro Foods
Rohiyo Green Plant

Information : 

It is native to Mexico and Central America, and is commonly grown as a houseplant for its attractive, evergreen leaves and small purple flowers that grow on spikes. The plant is also known for its tough and durable foliage, making it a popular choice for low maintenance gardening.

Uses : 

Low maintenance: Rhoeo is a low maintenance plant that can grow in a variety of conditions, making it a popular choice for gardeners and home owners.

Air purification: Like many plants, Rhoeo has been shown to improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants from the air.

Decorative: Rhoeo's attractive leaves and small purple flowers make it a popular choice for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Ease of propagation: Rhoeo is easy to propagate through division or cuttings, making it simple to expand your collection or share with friends.

Versatile use: Rhoeo can be used as a ground cover, as a hanging plant, or as a container plant, making it a versatile addition to any garden or home.

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