Tradescantia pink
06 Feb 2023. Mapro Foods
Tradescantia pink

Information :

The Tradescantia Pink is a cultivar with pink-colored leaves that can add a pop of color to gardens and indoor spaces. It's easy to care for and propagates readily through stem cuttings. Light: Bright indirect light. Water: Keep soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Humidity: Normal room humidity is fine.


Air Purification: Tradescantia Pink is known to improve indoor air quality by removing harmful pollutants.

Low Maintenance: It is easy to care for and requires minimal attention.

Decorative: Its vibrant pink color and delicate appearance make it a popular ornamental plant.

Humidity Tolerance: Tradescantia Pink can tolerate high humidity levels, making it a suitable plant for bathroom or kitchen environments.

Improved Mental Health: Studies have shown that having plants in indoor spaces can improve mood, reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

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