A beautiful cookie affair: Best cookie pair-ups by Snackery
25 Nov 2022. Mapro Foods
A beautiful cookie affair: Best cookie pair-ups by Snackery

For the majority of people, a cup of tea or coffee and some delectable pastries or biscuits constitute the ideal way to enjoy a tea party. It is almost like a ritual for many of us, don't you think so? 

Dipping your favourite cookie or biscuit in a fresh, warm cup of chai feels quite different. There are many different types of cookies available and healthier options too. One of them is Snackery, a brand by Mapro which has varied flavours of cookies made from refined wheat flour and all things good.

We take care of your health while matching up with your taste buds. So, you can't go wrong by reaching for a cookie, whether enjoying Diwali with friends and family, bringing in the new year at home, or just wanting to indulge yourself with something cookielicious.

You must take into account the flavour profiles, textures, and other elements, just like with any other food-drink match. For instance, when serving wine with cookies, the beverage should be at least as sweet as the treats themselves. If not, the wine will taste bitter or acidic, because like your wine the taste of a cookie needs to be perfect.

To ease your search here is a selection of 5 cookie choices that can be the ideal complement to your tea or coffee timings and other occasions. All of these cookies have the ideal melt-in-your-mouth quality, incredibly tasty and are good for you.

  1. Chai-Cookie- Gossips:

Our classic butter cookies will act as your best friend for a perfect ‘chai-pe-charcha’ session. The gossip will taste sweeter and the ingredients make your kind go scandalous.

     2. Milk & Chocolate’s ever-lasting friendship:

Looking for a modern spin on traditional milk and cookies? Here’s what you can look out for. First, take out a few cookies from the jar of Snackery’s choco chip cookie coins, then mix them up with a frosty Mocha or Latte to activate your brain cells and get a good high with chocolate, milk, and coffee messing with your head together.

     3. Coffee lovers’ full circle: 

Are you a person who gets a dopamine rush only with coffee? Then our coffee cookie coins can be your companion in your pre and post-workout session. Their rich ingredients will never mess up your diet schedule and coin size will control delicious over-eating habits.

     4. The B&B combo- Beer & Butter cookies:

You've probably heard that a dark stout is used to make chocolate cake. Why not serve butter cashew nut cookies and a bottle of chocolate stout? The creamy buttery cashew flavour and chocolaty deliciousness of these cookies are balanced by the somewhat bitter tang of the stout. You might never drink milk again! One of these modern, personalized beer glasses will boost the ante for the ultimate beer enthusiast. They are the ideal way to wish someone a good holiday season!

      5. The CC (cookie cravings) effect

From morning to evening we have got you covered to stay healthy! Start your day with a healthy butter coconut cookie to stay fresh and satisfy midnight cravings with a big choco chunk cookie. Where one is enough to fill your cravings and stomach too.


Well, our blog ends here and I am sure that you are already craving some delicious cookies. So we have got you covered with assorted cookies and other delicacies from our range of products by Snackery, for every occasion from daily activities to festivities.

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