The idea of change

Whitty was born out of a dream to create a local, self-sustaining production model that enriches communities in rural India. Our goal: to use business as a force for good, and to uplift our fellow humans by giving back to the society. Additionally, we’re working hard to reimage our manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes by learning and doing better every day.

Why women only?

Empowering women with a safe and stable work environment has a great impact on the health, education and progress of their families and communities. 

82% local talent

We’re citizens of our land. It’s only natural that investing in growth, health and well-being of our families starts from home. Creating stable employment opportunities for local women has allowed us to do just that. The rest? Just a couple of people across the country helping us put everything together. 

100% higher renumeration

Women of Whitty challenge not only conventional means of income within local communities, but also the notion of who supports the household. We’re proud to say that most of them are now the primary breadwinners of their families. This is because we ensure profits are distributed fairly – doubling their income vs the average. 

100% all-women team

It’s 2022, and we wanted to see women take charge of the factory floor, and not be limited to fringe jobs. Through regular training and opportunities for growth, we’re happy to witness the rise of several women working their way up the hierarchy. We do what we can to make it easier with flexible working hours and on-site day care. 

It's not just better for you, 

it’s better for the world too!

Women of whitty

Being a single parent, she has single handedly contributed to the education of her kids. She says it is her children that keeps her motivated to deal with difficult times. 

Pranali Bhojne
Pranali Maushi 

I'm proud to be one of the oldest here and have trained more than 200 women! Working with the women at Whitty is the best part of my day because it brings my introverted self to converse with people. 

Sunita Jadhav
Purana Khiladi

I have a boy and girl in school and don’t want them to go through the same experiences I went through. This motivates me to work harder and provide a better life for my family.

Shilpa Yadav 
The Newbie

Giving back

Investing in women who champion change in our society takes care of the present. To sustain this change, we started thinking about the future – young kids entering the schooling system and those that educate them. So, we’ve tied hands with Panchvaktra Foundation. The foundation works with Zilla Parishad schools to create after-school programs that promote cognitive learning. The areas of focus are the Wai and Mahabaleshwar communities. 


So much more than a snack

Imagine that. A round, paper thin crisp making you rethink of the way we do things. 

Our team is ever-growing and as we continue to get bigger, we get even more determined. So, we’re off to a good start but we’ve got to keep going.

The snack that does better!

What's your flavour?